2017 Sustainable Development & Corporate Responsibility Report



 Employee Health, Safety & Well-being

 Why is it material?

Employee Health, Safety & Well-being is the Group's most important priority and corporate value for all its activities, because they are interconnected to its business success.

Through the revision of the Safety Management System launched in 2015, we focus on improving our safety culture in order to enhance health and safety performance in all our activities.

We follow the same health and safety indicators with the European industry and we use them for benchmarking and to improve ourselves.


 Our approach

The Group promotes Health, Safety and Welfare in the workplace by:

  • Identifying hazards and working towards elimination or maximum mitigation of them and their consequences.
  •  Investigating all incidents and near misses and taking all necessary actions to avoid recurrence.
  • Studying potential scenarios and consequences of major accidents and taking appropriate measures to prevent and mitigate these consequences in cooperation with the authorities.

The above three principles are clearly stated in the Company’s Policy and through strong Leadership (leading by example), they also comprise the commitment of our leaders.

"Risk Assessment", which is at the core of the Safety Management System, is supported and reinforced through procedures, audits and safety training.

The Group upholds that 'Safety concerns everyone' and not only urges employees to report and investigate incidents, near misses and unsafe situations, but also rewards their successful intervention on safety issues.

 Our ambition

Our ambition is to be among the best in the industry, to create a working environment with zero accidents and occupational illnesses.

By strong leadership and total personnel involvement, we seek to prevent and protect Health and enhance Safety of employees and external partners from possible impacts that could arise during the facilities’ operation.

Each facility, and the Group as a whole, sets annual measurable Key Performance Indicators for performance improvement, thereby creating a common Group safety culture.


 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)



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