2017 Sustainable Development & Corporate Responsibility Report



 Product Safety, Quality & Product Accessibility

 Why is it material?

The Group meets the needs of all of its domestic customers (industry, transport, shipping, aviation, etc.) and is active in retail and wholesale sales in both the domestic as well as international markets. Our products are related to three parameters: safety, quality and accessibility.

The core targets of the Group’s competitive commercial activities are to implement the best operation practices for the safe management of our products and to deliver innovative, high quality and competitively priced products via an extensive service station network with full geographic coverage in Greece.


 Our approach

Our products fully adhere to new advancements in engine technology and the ever-changing European legal framework.

HELLENIC PETROLEUM Group, in respect with the fundamental principle of REACH on the effective management of the hazards of substances, has integrated full REACH compliance into its activities. The Group also effectively implements and promotes the European CLP Regulation on the Classification and Labeling of Chemicals. The extended Safety Data Sheets (e-SDSs) of our products contain in their annex the exposure scenarios for human health and environment per identified use, as well as the recommended risk management measures to downstream users. The Group’s facilities implement best operational practices for safe product handling with respect to the environment.

We assure our products’ quality across the entire supply chain via systematic quality controls. Moreover, any customer can assess fuel quality through a spot test kit (EKO Guarantee Program) at any fuel station.

Hellenic Fuels & Lubricants S.A. cooperates with the Fuels and Lubricants Technology Laboratory of the National Technical University of Athens to perform fuel quality checks to its fuel stations.

Customer complaints regarding product quality are forwarded to Group Quality Experts for investigation and response.

All product physicochemical analyses are conducted in accredited chemical laboratories that implement a certified Quality Management System.


 Our ambition

Our goal is to gain our customers’ trust every time they fill their fuel tank and we strive to achieve this goal by consistent delivery of quality products across a reliable supply chain: from the refinery all the way to the delivery point and the customer.

 We apply rigorous standards to all our facilities and fuel stations to ensure safe management of our products, to reduce our environmental impact and manage our operations safely and responsibly.

We aim to engage with our suppliers and business partners across the supply chain on our responsible product management practices, through a defined cooperation framework.


 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)


HELLENIC PETROLEUM Group produces and provides high quality petroleum products, petrochemicals and lubricants. We consistently strive to meet the requirements of our customers, through creating mutual trust and seeking customer satisfaction, from the product’s entry onto the market all the way through to the end of its life cycle. Information on the Group's products is adequate, ongoing and comprehensive.

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