2017 Sustainable Development & Corporate Responsibility Report



  • Investment Regulations
  • HELLENIC PETROLEUM Group Procurement Regulations
  • Project Performance Regulations
  • Regulations for the Removal & Disposition of Useless or Surplus Equipment or Materials and Sale of Assets to Third Parties
  • Regulations for the Supply of Petroleum Products & Petrochemicals (Purchase, Sale, Transportation of Crude Oil and Products)
  • Internal Work Regulations
  • Operational Collective Labour Agreement and supplementary agreements thereof
  • Group Legal Services Division Operational Regulations
  • Group Internal Audit Division Operational Regulations
  • Credit Regulations

In addition, so as to ensure that the company operates correctly and efficiently, the framework of the powers and duties of General Divisions and Divisions includes the drafting of Policies and Procedures that come under the Operational Administration System (O.A.S.), which are approved, depending on their content and field of application, according to the O.A.S. Implementation Policy applying each time.


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