2017 Sustainable Development & Corporate Responsibility Report




 Why is it material?

Employability and the retention and creation of new jobs is a strategic choice of the company, aiming at posting growth and improving its performance in all fields that are directly or indirectly related to its activities.

Concurrently, it aims at creating a modern-day working environment featuring stability, consistency, adoption of innovative methods, capability to resolve problems, adaptability to change. In this way are secured the required conditions in order for the Group to be able to respond effectively to the constantly changing environment in the Energy sector. 

 Our approach

The corporate policies and practices applying at the Group lend priority to enhancing the skills of our employees, balancing professional and family life, and developing team spirit and co-operation.

With this aim, the Group provides an excellent working environment  and applies a comprehensive system for developing and managing its human resources by means of collective labour agreements and internal work regulations, competitive remuneration, opportunities for advancement, incentives, benefits, awards, employee performance assessment, programs for engaging university and technical college students, work programs for new graduates, an internal training system, and encouraging employees to undertake various roles depending on their knowledge, experience and capabilities.

 Our ambition

Our ambition is to create those conditions that ensure that the Group will always be a first-choice employer, while concurrently showcasing the employee of the future: an excellent professional, driven by the values of creativity, industriousness, willingness to learn, integrity, good judgement, morality. The Group, now and in future, is strongly committed to realising this vision by means of:

  • Systems for attracting and evaluating personnel based on merit.
  • Equal opportunities for all in enhancing the skills related to their tasks and staying up to date with developments in the field of energy.
  • Opportunities for advancement, without any discrimination (e.g. as to gender, age, origin, religion, nationality, disabilities, beliefs, etc.)

 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)


Our leading position in the market is due to our ability to attract and retain the most capable employees, in accordance with our principles and values. We aim at providing a work environment that, firstly, is safe and motivates our employees, and secondly, ensures that people are treated with respect and are given equal opportunities to develop their skills and advance in the hierarchy.

Our relationship with our personnel is based on the principle of equal treatment. Both the accession and the advancement of each employee within the Group are based on his/her qualifications, performance and aspirations, with no discrimination whatsoever.

 Our commitments to our employees:

 Ensuring hygiene / safety

 Quality of life

 Lifelong learning

 Job Security

 Performance Evaluation


 Equal opportunities










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