2017 Sustainable Development & Corporate Responsibility Report


EKO’s quality control laboratory located in EKO’s high-tech Lubricant Production Unit is equipped with premium technology apparatus and is well known for its high performance in global inter-laboratory checks. It conducts lubricants and aviation fuels quality checks.

In 2017, in EKO’s quality control laboratory, 4,402 analyses of aviation fuels were carried out.

EKO lubricants are produced by high-quality raw materials and they are designed to cover a wide range of lubricants’ applications, satisfying simple but also tough demands for high-performing lubricants. The quality of EKO’s lubricants is assured in all the critical stages of manufacture with continuous quality checks, which also certify they are in line with the design specifications.

In 2017, 27,912 lubricants’ quality checks were conducted in EKO’s quality control laboratory.

Biofuels Sustainability Scheme

EKO implements a certified "2BS: biomass biofuel” sustainability voluntary scheme. Through this particular scheme, we contribute directly to the reduction of carbon dioxide emissions (CO2) produced by the passenger cars and we promote indirectly the sustainable production of the agricultural raw materials.

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