2017 Sustainable Development & Corporate Responsibility Report


The 10 key topics highlighted by the study are presented in more detail below:


Regulatory Compliance Leaks & Oil Spills Employee Health, Safety & Well-being
We pursue ethical responsibility and integrity in every aspect of our business. We continually reinforce all precautionary and risk reducing measures in order to manage the risk of spills, to provide environmental protection and maintain the company’s sustainability. The health and safety of our people is our first priority. Our objective is to operate safely and accidents-free.
Chapter "Corporate Governance & Regulatory Compliance" Chapter "Environment, Energy & Climate Change" Chapter "Health and Safety"



Air Quality Fighting Corruption & Business Ethics Energy & Climate Change
We invest to continuously reduce air emissions, contributing to the improvement of air quality. Maximizing gas fuel use, using fuels with higher environmental specifications and applying advanced technologies to the production process are indicative investments. We act honestly, honestly and ethically through a set of principles, policies and codes of conduct. We contribute to climate change mitigation by investing in energy management optimization, energy saving and utilization of Renewable Energy Sources.
Chapter "Environment, Energy & Climate Change"  Chapter "Corporate Governance & Regulatory Compliance"  Chapter "Environment, Energy & Climate Change"



Waste & Circular Economy Employment Product Safety, Quality & Accessibility
We aim to continuously increase the utilization rate throughout the life cycle of the materials and natural resources by recycling and re-using them in our production process as well as by developing broader synergies for their use. We strive for a safe work environment where people are treated with respect and equal opportunities to develop their skills and their development. We create value for our customers and consumers through providing safe and innovative high quality products and services that are competitive priced.
Chapter "Environment, Energy & Climate Change"  Chapter "Employment" Chapter "Market"


Continuous Operation & Preparedness for Emergency Situations
We ensure preparedness and immediate response to emergencies in order to reassure continuous operation, which is linked to the company's sustainability. 
Chapter "Health and Safety"


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