2017 Sustainable Development & Corporate Responsibility Report


This Sustainable Development & Corporate Social Responsibility Report is part of the Group's annual publications and has been approved and signed by the Group’s Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Officer.
The Group Corporate Affairs Division was responsible for the drafting and coordination of the Report, along with the Directorates of Human Resources for Health, Safety, Environment and Sustainable Development, Internal Audit, Financial Services, Marketing, Procurement, Legal Services, as well as the Group's subsidiaries (which are included in the Report). Both the qualitative and quantitative data reported are consolidated and validated at Group level unless otherwise stated.
The Report is addressed to all our social partners who wish to monitor our performance in the areas of Social Responsibility and Sustainable Development.
We welcome every suggestion or comment that can help us improve our two-way communication. Any of your comments can be sent to the following address.


Contact Details


Group Corporate Affairs Division

CSR Division – R. Soulaki

8A Chimarras St., GR 151 25 - Μaroussi

Τel.: 210 630 2894,

Fax: 210 630 2573

 e-mail: csr@helpe.gr


If you would like any further information or clarifications regarding this Report, please contact the Group’s CSR Division at the above address.


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