2017 Sustainable Development & Corporate Responsibility Report



The Group (registered headquarters at 8A Chimarras Street, Maroussi) is comprised of 44 companies, including the parent company, which is listed on the Athens and London Stock Exchanges. The list of subsidiaries, the nature of their business, the percentages of ownership and consolidation method for each one of them, can be seen at https://www.helpe.gr/userfiles/8ea1f0cb-9e62-48e4-b947-a27b00fb14bb/Annual_Financial_Report_2017_en_1.pdf p. 190-191. The present legal form of the Group is the result of the initial merger which took place in 1998 when the parent company was first listed, as well as subsequent corporate transactions (acquisitions).

The Group enjoys a leading position in the domestic market through its subsidiary EKO which is active in the domestic retail market and via LPG, industrial, aviation & marine fuels and lubricants sales.


Value Creation

The Group’s aim is to generate value from all of its business activities and for all stakeholders. This added value - the social product - is addressed to all social partners and contributes to the wider economic development of the country. Meanwhile, respect for the environment and mankind contributes to preserving the company’s reputation and provides a “social operating license”. The identification of material topics determined by our ongoing dialogue with our social partners ensures that society’s substantial briefing and participation, and contributes to further economic development.

HELLENIC PETROLEUM SARegistered Address: 8A Chimarras str., 151 25-Maroussi/Greece
S.A. Registration Number.: 2443/06/B/86/23
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