2017 Sustainable Development & Corporate Responsibility Report



 Air Quality

 Why is it material?

Socially and environmentally responsible and efficient operation requires continuous reduction of air emissions in order to minimize our impact and contribute substantially to improving air quality in the locations we operate.

Our socially and environmentally responsible operation facilitates developing relationships with local communities based on trust and cooperation. Through the adoption of best available practices and investments in modern low emission technologies, we achieve continuous reduction of air emissions and improvement of air quality.

 Our approach

We aim to continuously reduce air emissions through specific actions such as maximizing gas fuel use, using fuels with higher environmental specifications and applying advanced technologies to the production process.

We are committed to strictly complying with all national and European laws and best practices, a case in point being our compliance with petroleum industry Best Available Techniques and the European Industrial Emissions Directive.

Our commitment is put in practice through significant investments in modern production and direct emission abatement technologies. These include low nitrogen oxide burners, particle retention filters, volatile organic compound recovery units, sulfur recovery units from exhaust gases, etc.

Our approach and results to date have had particularly positive evaluations, highlighting the significant reduction of key air emission indices over the last five years as well as the respective evidence of our contribution in comparison to the quantitative air quality monitoring measurements of the neighboring areas.

 Our ambition

Our goal is the continuous reduction of air emission indices in all our activities and acknowledgment of our significant contribution to improving the air quality of the local communities.


 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)