2017 Sustainable Development & Corporate Responsibility Report


Regular inspections are conducted at Group petrol stations, to assess how effectively are implemented the guidelines relating to safety, operation and service. Concurrently, ways have been established for customers to communicate their comments, and mechanisms are in place to ensure appropriate response, such as:

  • Mystery motorist program: Thorough inspection of services and observance of operation guidelines at the petrol station. After selecting the mystery motorists, 60 points are checked in connection to 7 aspects of the petrol station (forecourt and equipment, service, safety, shopping, uniforms, WCs, promotional activities). In 2017 a total of 4,835 visits were conducted in the context of the mystery motorist program. Each petrol station was visited 4 to 12 times by a mystery visitor. The findings are posted each month at an e-platform, to which all sales staff have access so as to enable monitoring of petrol station performance over time and other indicators that are useful in improving and developing the services provided by the network. Finally, petrol stations are rewarded on the basis of the mystery motorist program. The rewards include compensation for the amount expended on purchasing uniforms and prizes for the best petrol stations in the context of the annual Retail Championship event (in 2017, 38 petrol stations and, respectively, 38 inspectors from all countries were awarded prizes, as last year's Retail Champions).
  • Market Research: In the context of evaluating customer satisfaction, the company conducted in 2017 qualitative and quantitative market research studies. Specifically, a total of 24 market research surveys were conducted in 2017, covering the four main categories: The status of the EKO and BP commercial brands, the performance of petrol station personnel, the success of sales promotion programs, and the needs for new services and products.
  • "More For You" at BP petrol stations: We try to cover an ever-increasing range of needs, not only for the vehicle but also for the driver and passengers, by offering special services such as:
    • Free-of-charge Wi-Fi at petrol station premises
    • Special hooks for securing pets and a special "pet corner" area
    • Special lane for easy and safe refuelling dedicated to the motorcycle, the driver and his particular requirements
    • Free-of-charge visual check of 12 basic points (tire pressure, lubricants, lights) that all drivers must conduct before travelling but also in every-day car use, so as to enjoy a safe drive.
  • Round-the-clock 24-hour service: To better serve our customers and respond to their requirements, a round-the-clock telephone line is in operation, at 211-1818031 for BP petrol stations and at 211-1818050 for EKO petrol stations. The calls are answered by ICAP personnel specially trained by the company and requests are forwarded to the competent employees for resolution/response.


Statistical data on calls to the EKO & BP petrol station telephone lines (2017)

In the case of BP petrol stations, in 2017 our partners at ICAP received 749 calls from customers. Of these, 399 calls were forwarded to the competent personnel of the commercial companies of the Group for further contact with the customers within 24 hours, with the aim of responding directly to their requests.

In the case of EKO petrol stations, 6,849 calls were made in 2017. Of these, 2,429 calls were forwarded to the competent personnel of the commercial companies of the Group for further contact with the customers within 24 hours, with the aim of responding directly to their requests..

For both companies, 28 calls submitting requests concerning 2017 were addressed in 2018.

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