2017 Sustainable Development & Corporate Responsibility Report


We assure the Quality of our fuels across the supply chain with regular quality checks, while at the gas station the opportunity of quality checks at all stages.

ΕΚΟ Guarantee program is the first complete fuel quality & quantity control program by applying regular checks from the refinery to the customer's reservoir. At the gas station the opportunity of quality check by the consumer himself is given, via the spot test kit (EKO Guarantee program). In 2017, the consumers, at the fuel stations, via the spot test kits, carried out 544 quality checks.

EKO continues its collaboration with the Fuels and Lubricants Technology Laboratory of the National Technical University of Athens (NTUA), which conducts on-site fuel quality and quantity checks using mobile laboratories, as part of EKO Guarantee program. Two mobile laboratories, manned with NTUA’s personnel, are conducting on-site quality and quantity checks at EKO’s gas stations. During every on-site quality check, fuels’ samples are taken for further quality testing at NTUA’s Fuels and Lubricants Technology Laboratory. On-site quantity fuels’ measurements are conducted using certified volumetric beakers. Following the quantity check, the station’s pumps are sealed, using a visible sealing tape.

For more information regarding the EKO Guarantee program: http://www.eko.gr/pratiria/programmata-2/programma-engyisi-eko/.

As far as BP branded fuel stations are concerned, since 2011, a fuels’ quality assurance system is being been implemented, in collaboration with NTUA. Two mobile laboratories, manned with NTUA’s personnel, equipped with certified equipment for the on-site quality control of fuels’ basic characteristics, are annually visiting BP branded fuel stations and perform unannounced on–site quality checks.

In 2017, NTUA carried out 1483 on-site quality and quantity fuels checks at the fuel stations. In total, 6020 nozzle samples were analyzed.

Customer complaints regarding product quality are forwarded to Group Quality Experts for investigation and response. All product physicochemical analyses are conducted in accredited chemical laboratories.

In 2017, Group Quality Experts investigated 250 customer complaints and responded to 86 customers’ questions regarding fuels quality.

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